Since 2008, we are taking part in different folk markets of Munich and surrounding towns. The idea of our work is to make fusion of folk art
The company “” was founded in November 2010 in Munich-Germany. Major products which we offer are based on the fabrics Silk, Spun (Cotton) and Leather
The method of production includes:
  • Hand block print with pigment and vegetable natural colours
  • Screen Print
  • Hand and Machine embroidery
  • Patch work / Appliqué
  • Quilting
Our products are fair traded, this means, our products:
  • have not been produced / sold by forced labor
  • have not been produced / sold by exploitative child labor
  • No children work for us
  • The wages paid in our company are sufficient to secure the existence and/or living of the workers employed
  • Fair working conditions prevail, and nobody is discriminated against because of gender, skin color, origin or religious affiliation
  • Humane conditions prevail (no health or safety hazards)
We also develop products as per requirements for retail and wholesale; please contact us for further details
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